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Tabouleh Arabic Salad Featured

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Love salad? Enjoy this mouth watering Arabic classic ! Tabouleh, a refreshing and heartily salad made with finely chopped parsley and fresh mint, bulgur and a specialty ingredient, is the mouth watering dish that keeps our friends coming back for more. Tabouleh is healthy, yummy and loved by all, even Vegans

Chicken & Beef Shawarma


Shawarma is a popular non vegetarian side dish in the Middle East, which is fast catching up in the rest of the world. Shawarma normally is a juicy sandwich-like wrap made of grilled lamb, chicken, beef, turkey and other meat varieties. It is a fast food usually eaten with pickled vegetables.

Pita-Baked Falafel


Falafel have had exponential growth in popularity through out the world. This middle eastern dish is both tasty and good for you.

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