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Zaatar Aromatic Blend of Spices for a Savory Kick

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Zaatar Aromatic Blend of Spices for a Savory Kick Featured

A combination of dried thyme, sumac, oregano, sesame seeds, and salt. It is ubiquitous throughout the Middle East, sprinkled over bread, yogurt, olive oil, and other foods for a savory kick

Mentioned throughout the Bible in reference to a specific wild variety of oregano, zaatar developed a reputation for medicinal properties throughout the Mediterranean as early as the 12th century. Recent scientific research confirms that zaatar herbs do in fact boast significant health-enhancing properties, since sumac, thyme, and oregano are all chock full of flavonoids, organic compounds that are important dietary sources of antioxidants that can protect cells from damage. Some scientists even speculate that one of zaatar's components actually boost mood and cognition Sumac is rich in gallic acid, which research suggests has anti-fungal, anti-viral, and cancer-fighting properties, and quercetin, which also seems to an anti-inflammatory agent effective against cancer. Brain-Boosting Za'atar? In certain parts of the Middle East, folk tradition suggests that za'atar has brain-boosting properties -and children are often encouraged to sprinkle the spice mix on meals before exams. While scientific research is missing in this area, some researchers are beginning to speculate that the carvacrol, the phenol found in thyme and oregano, may have cognitive and mood-enhancing properties. At La Mill, Zaatar is always baked fresh on a pita Dough and could be served with assorted vegetables Come by and give it a try

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