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Falafel have had exponential growth in popularity through out the world. This middle eastern dish is both tasty and good for you.

Falafel is bean-based, so it provides all the benefits of beans! It provides the filling, satisfying part of chickpeas in addition to being a high quality protein. Falafel has an Amino Acid Score of 111, which means that is a complete/ high quality protein. For people looking for a low fat/low calorie protein source, this is great addition to your diet. High quality proteins help your body replace all the tissues, organs and cells in the body that are constantly being broken down and replaced.

Falafel is usually fried into circular disks, however, La Mill enhances the health benefits of Falafel by baking it on a Pita. This maintains its great taste while at the same time maintain its nutritious ingredients. Order the Falafel Manakeesh and you will not be disappointed!


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Deep Fried Ground Chickpeas & Fava Bean Balls Served With Tahini Sauce
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